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The Frame 2020 - Art mode, can't change the passepartout

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On my The Frame 2020 65" I have uploaded a couple of my own photos to use in Art mode. On the photo I uploaded the first day I had the TV I can choose passepartout from several available ones. But when uploading more photos today there are only one passepartout available. The first photo I uploaded still have all the passepartouts to change from.


How do I get the same options on my new photos?


The first photo I uploaded, with the option to choose from different passepartouts using sideways scrolling:



A photo I uploaded a couple of days later, with no possibility to scroll sideways to choose different passepartouts:



Regards Jocke

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Just a couple of images are affected. Images I add "now" work just fine. Deleting and adding the ones not working does not help. Minor problem then, but a bit frustrating not understanding why! :smiling-face:


Nice pictures, just a warning dont look at too much art  before adding photos. I cant add a single photo as the memory is ful lof art I have previewed.

The frame buisness is to do with the photo size there is a US based Samsung forum that goes into this just 1 pixle to wide and you can only get the shadow frame. If you crop your photo you should be ok, and the crop only as i say have to shave off 1 pixle width, say from 400 x 800 down to 400 x 799 or whathave you.

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