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Sound Bar - Volume Too Low

(Topic created on: 01-12-2020 08:10 AM)
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After a couple of years of using my Samsung QE657f happily I decided I wanted to improve the sound. To do this, I bought VMai 2 channel sound bar which is very well rated on Amazon.


The sound bar is functioning well generally and I have checked with their technical support who have confirmed the settings are correct. It is set to use PCM mode as it doesn't support Dolby etc.


The problem is, that the sound is no louder than the TV speaker and too quiet overall. I’m sure the sound bar is functioning well I was, when I play music via Bluetooth through my phone, it is deafening. The problem seems to be the TV limiting the volume.


I have connected the sound bar via Bluetooth and optical cable. Both offer around the same (low) volume.


It feels like the TV outputs are somehow limiting the volume and I need to be able to address this.


Any ideas would be well received – thanks in advance.