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Smartview cast or mirroring?

(Topic created on: 28-12-2020 12:05 PM)
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Hello! I have a new Samsung Q70, a 4-5 year old  Samsung Q60 Curved LED and a Samsung Note 10 Plus. On my older Q60 I would use the Samsung Smartview app and would direct cast to my tv. When using that app I could lock my phone screen and I wouldn't lose too much resolution. Now on my new Q70 I have to use the Smart Things app and I can only see that it allows you to mirror your phone. In that mode I cannot lock my phone and I lose a ton of resolution. I tried to use the Samsung Smartview app but the new TV doesn't even show up. Is this true for everyone? Did they do away with direct casting through the Samrtview app? I'm not sure of the difference between the two, but I believe one uses wifi and the other uses the NFC or bluetooth. Is that correct? Does anyone know of a better app than Smart Things if I'm correct in assuming they have gotten rid of casting directly? I'd prefer an app I can buy that doesn't have ads but that's not vital of course. Also if someone could please explain the difference between the two if I'm incorrect in my thinking. Thanks in advance for the help all! 

Hi, when using Smart view it simply mirrors your display so, if you open messages this also is shown on the TV, if you lock the device it will lock on the TV aswell, this is the standard function when you mirror your display.

Casting is usually found in apps such as YouTube which is an app feature rather than the device.
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S22 can't cast to any TV screen properly anymore. Possibly Samsung blocking. Solution is Google Home app for most chrome TV's such as Sony

The S22 is actually one of the worst versions of smartphone Samsung has issued. Its my third and last Samsubg

Other probelms are : speech to text is broken, text screen too small, Sleep mode triggers unscheduled alarms in middle of night, casting to TV no longer working. 

I am actually taking mine back for a refund after 4 months use.