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Update 2101 broke Bluetooth, Smart View and DeX on QN95A

(Topic created on: 24-09-2022 07:14 PM)
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Good evening,

I have a Samsung QN95A 55 TV and a Galaxy S22 Ultra. I installed the 2101 firmware a few days ago and I just realised it broke a lot of things on my television.

I am unable to connect via Bluetooth from my phone: it is shown in the list of available devices, when I click on it a small message box with code pops up on my phone (but nothing happenson the TV), I click on Pair and after a few seconds it just says "Couldn't pair. Check settings for this device and try again".

Similar story for Samsung DeX, the TV is detected but as soon as I try to connect it fails and a toast message pops up telling me to reboot the TV and try again.

Same thing for SmartView. SmartThings seems to be working but when I try to start screen mirroring from there it doesn't work.

I tried resetting my TV but nothing changed.

Are you aware of any possible solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance



Hi mate
I have exactly the same issue!  I've just logged it for a repair home visit!
They can get out here and sort it out or the tellys going back to John Lewis pronto!
I have the 75" 8K QLED Flagship!!   I expect a bit more than this from it!