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Smart TV Apps intermittent failures

(Topic created on: 08-09-2021 09:38 AM)

I have had an issue since purchasing my UE50TU8507UXXU TV. When watching certain apps such as ITV player and 4OD and BBC the app may randomly close and take me back to the home screen. Also when first loading a program on the BBC Iplayer the app also closes in the same way.

Whilst this may seem trivial it is very frustrating on a new TV and I would like to see if anyone else has experienced this?


I have had remoter support from Samsung already and this has not solved the problem, they checked the software version etc and did a restart / reset.

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Hi @Jim_sung  Does this happen constantly on certain apps or just occasionally, anyway obviously  concerning.? Know Samsung Support have looked into it but just checking you have the latest  2014.1 firmware which became available in July.   Whilst resets seem to have  been tried you could try a Factory Reset again and switching Tv off at the mains for a few minutes and rebooting router.  Another idea is to change the DNS settings.   Go to  Network-Network Settings-DNS Settings.   Change from Automatic to   to or

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Thanks for the advice. I did try and change the DNS as suggested to and I turned the tv off at the mains. This has not worked sadly so I will try factory reset.

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That just describes my problem exactly. No matter what app you are watching (Netflix, Amazon Prime video or, just recently, the All4 app), the tv decides to suddenly cut out and go to the home page. I've tried the unplugging method (not worked) so will give the other two a go. 


A great shame when you consider what you have paid for these TV sets and they cause problems like this. I am now regretting buying mine and wish I'd gone for another manufacturer...