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Slow/Laggy Home Screen - Unwanted Movie/TV Suggestions - UN55TU700DFXZA

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I recently bought a UN55TU700DFXZA. It's been an overall disappointment. The thing that has been the most frustrating is how laggy the whole thing is.


1. Navigating through the Samsung menus (Settings, selecting an app, etc)  comes with a 1-3 second delay on every action.  Inside apps such as Netflix is usually fine. I've done everything from unplugging the TV to a full factory reset.


1.b. It may be part of the problem, but either way it's frustrating beyond belief that when I open the Home menu it loads all of the "Free TV Shows", "Free Movies", "Home Premier Movies", etc. I've already disabled TV Plus, but it still loads all the ads/bloatware every time I open the home screen.


My other Samsung that's about 3 years old doesn't have  any of these problems, and it's what led me to buy this one. Which has now made my next TV be something else unless these issues can actually be resolved. Are there any fixes to either of these issues? 

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You can use some movie apps like teatv or netflix. Which alf the very famous movie applications


I'm somewhat solved the laggy menus problem by disabling the CPU power management feature. It is buried inside the service menu - (Debug -> Power Management -> DVFS -> Off). DVFS stands for Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling  and after disabling it the menus are more responsive and smooth, at least on my UE40NU7100.

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