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Screen mirroring Smartthings - OnePlus

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I just invested in a Samsung Sero TV and I would like to screen mirror via the Smartthings app, normally the screen mirror function should be visible via the Smartthings app, but I do not get the option. Is it because Oneplus 7 pro is not compatible with that functionality? Is there a workaround?

Do I need to by a Samsung phone?

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As far as I am aware, a OnePlus should be able to run the SmartThings service similarly to a Samsung device. Although, I don't believe there is a mirror option WITHIN the app, but might be available through your device's control panel. I'm not familiar with OnePlus devices however, hope this can help

EDIT: you'll be looking for a button titled 'Smart View' or something similar, like connect or cast
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I did find another way of casting the screen, but it does not work very well. I would like to do it via Smartthings as discussed here.



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