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Samsung UE55MU6470 TV wont connect t my older soundbar Hw-H355

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HI All,


I recently bought a new Smart TV - Samsung UE55MU6470 (its a exclusive model on available on Currys). Its no different to UE55MU6400  except that the refresh rate is 1600 instead of 1500 on UE55MU6400. However the problem is I cannot seem to pair up my samsing Soundbar Hw-H355 using the bluetooth or sound connect function with the new TV. Is it possible, that because in the past the soundbar was connected to the older samsung TV, it wont now pair with the new TV. The old TV stopped working, so had to be discarded, but surely there should be a way to perhaps reset the soundbar and then start afresh connecting the new TV with the soundbar via bluetooth.


Any suggestions please.....

thanks -- Yezdi


Hi @Yezdijk99.


You should be able to reset the soundbar by pressing and holding >||  button for about 5 seconds. Let us know how it goes.

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