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Samsung UE40MU6472 - controlling volume on external speakers with TV remove

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Is it possible to control volume of external speakers/soundbars with a TV remote? I did a quick test with a bluetooth soundbar from Creative, but it wasn't possible. Is it true for all bluetooth devices? Optical out connection is also feasible, but I haven't been able to test it. Does anyone have some experience with trying to control the volume with the TV's remote on external devices?

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On my UE40MU6400 the Optical Audio Output is fixed level. You can only control the volume of the TV's speakers (or mute them altogether) from the TV remote.


This arrangement quite suits me as I have the Optical Output running to a HiFi system which I might use when viewing a Music Program but not in everyday use. I can use the HiFi system's remote control to adjust the HiFi volume independently of the TV speakers.


I'm pretty sure all the Samsung TVs work like this.

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