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Samsung removing SMART IPTV from Apps after update?




is it true that  samsung is removing SMART IPTV application on all models after update?

If yes, why this is happening, smart iptv is one of rare m3u players?




I wont be uodateing my TV with an unknown update that potentially deletes apps


For the Italian user:

Long story short you need to reset the Smart Hub and choose 'San Marino' as country this time (for details see suggestion below).

Worked succesfully on a 2017 Q7F!


For everybody else:

if you want to try something similar (I don't think you would get local apps if you choose San Marino right?) get an idea of what I am talking about by doing a video search on the famous video website (...) with title 'Smart iptv reinstallazione su tv Samsung & lg'.


It's a little bit of a hassle, but hey it works! :face-with-tears-of-joy:


i have a 2018 82" NU8000 which i recieved towards the end of August 2018, running update 1134 and i was able to get the smart iptv app 


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I reseted factory my Tv and then My smart iptv app removed.
Do you know what this happened???!!!


you factory reset your tv? of course you going to lose all downloaded apps, why did you think you wouldnt if you reset the tv to how it was from the factory?

Hi, you are right. Evencthe app not removed, lately I experienced siptv blocking/slow buffering on a recent tv set in contrast of very good vlc working on the same network, same m3u. Suspectef intentional censorship/ slowing app. I bought abox instead which worked well. It pity to pay 5€...Reset tv to San marino, usa... not to an European country.

Ho appena acquistato e installato un modello Samsung TV UE43NU7400XZT. Sono molto deluso dal fatto che non ci sia un'applicazione IPTV e non ci sia disponibilità per scaricare un'applicazione di terze parti.

@JAMES4578 wrote:

HI @MarkosLov, thanks for response-just goes to show that some information online is not accurate.  Not sure on the 2018 sets but perhaps Samsung do not see it as a priority.



Still, they must need an app which can cover iptv subscriptions like m3u playlists, otherwise they'll loose many clients.


It is working fine right now guys. Check Tutuapp apk




There is a new app on Samsung called EPiG, which is way better than SmartIPTV.
They are an EPG provider and you need to upload your m3u file to their website, where you can edit your m3u file online and you can attach full EPG to it and then you can use the app by adding a simple code to the app after the first start.
The app is available for 2016 devices only right now (march 19. 2019), but based on their news it is in testing for 2017, 2018 and 2019 devices by Samsung and will be available soon.
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