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Samsung QLED 65" Q8C 2017

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I took the plunge after a few friends recommended the Samsung Brand to me (first time owner of a Samsung TV), so decided to purchase this TV directly through the online Samsung Shop on Friday 16th June and I took delivery of the item onMonday 19th June.

I set up the TV on Monday evening and everything appeared to be working as expected and I was literally blown away by not only the image but by the design and ease of use of the TV's smart features - the only issue I experienced was that the remote control intermittently had to be paired several times throughout the course of the evening.

On the morning of Tuesday 21st June, the TV would not switch on no matter what I did using the silver remote or the black remote. I then spent 30 minutes checking all the connections were correctly seated with no joy - until I decided to unplug the power cable from the one connect box and reconnected the power after approx 30 seconds - this seemed to work and apart from re-pairing the remote again, everything else was perfect!

However, when I returned home from work on Tuesday evening I switched on the TV and it switched on with no issues and I thought that the problem had finally resolved itself!


Shortly after, I switched off the TV to go and eat and after dinner, when I tried to switch on the TV it simply refused to turn on again. I once again checked all the connections and they were all seated securely and correctly. I then decided to unplug the one connect box (as that seemed to work in the morning). When I plugged the power cable back in to the one connect box the TV started up automatically (i.e. I didn't have to press the remote to switch on) but this time there was an onscreen graphic showing that I needed to plug in both the fibre optic and power cable in to the one connect box (even though they were both already securely plugged in and switched on) so I removed both cables and reconnected them to the one connect box but the onscreen graphic kept popping up -  I must have followed those instructions a dozen or so times but kept getting the same onscreen graphic (I also checked boQLED 1.jpgth the fibre optic and power cables were correctly seated on the TV side - which they were). Not getQLED 2.jpgting anywhere - I decided to unplug the power cables to both the TV and one connect box and leave them alone for a while.

About an hour or so later I plugged both power cables back in and the TV switched on (again, without me pressing anything on the remote control) but only sound came through (the screen was only showing blotchy grey/blue noise and white vertical lines). QLED 3.jpg


Since Tuesday evening, the TV no longer responds to either the silver or black remote and only passes sound with patchy/blotchy screen image with white scratchy lines which are mainly vertical.

At this point, my experience with a Premium Samsung Product has been frustrating and disappointing, and I'm now beginning to wonder whether or not I made the right decision to purchase this product in the first place.


Watching TV shouldn't be a problematic affair with constant troubleshooting and re-pairing of the remote. Something is not right here. I've carefully followed all the instructions in setting up the TV including being extra careful with the fibre optic cable and ensuring there are no kinks or sharp bends.

Whilst troubleshooting my issues and scouring the internet and these Forums I think I have narrowed the problem down to having a faulty one connect box/fibre optic cable due to:

1) the constant pairing of the remote control (button presses don't work and the red LED constantly blinks on the remote for 5 seconds after) until I remove the power cable on the one connect box and effectively power cycle it - then go through the process of re-pairing the remote to the TV system and;

2) the onscreen graphics showing both the power and fibre optic cables needing to be connected to the one connect box - when they are already connected.




Sorry for the long post!




Bit of a hassle but glad now sorted @WizzyBang, kit looking impressive :smiling-face:


Can I ask please I have the same issue when you say replaced optical cable do you mean the cable going from tv to one connect box? Thanks 


Can I ask is it the cable going from the tv to connect box? I have same issue thanks 


@JonathanS My screen looks exactly the same as yours. Did you find a solution?


Hi, I had to get a new 1 connect box luckily I was still under warranty I contacted where I bought tv from sent an engineer out I did ask how much would it cost if I wasn't covered under warranty guy said about 250 pound, let me know how you get on? If your in England company who they sent out to me was from Martin Dawes hope this helps 

The optical cable is the culprit. You need to test your connector box with a different cable. Only buy the connector box when you are 100% sure that it's not the optical cable.
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