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Samsung M70A USB C issues

(Topic created on: 14-06-2021 11:15 AM)
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Hoping someone can help me im not sure if i have a defective unit. But i have the 32inch M70a Monitor/TV im using the USBC port which allows me to charge my laptop, Display the screen and use the Two USB ports on the back of the screen for keyboard and mouse. 

I've set it all up and at first I noticed that if you slightly moved the USB C cable you could hear the USB devices disconnect & Reconnect. which I thought was odd. 

Ive since then plugged something else into the USB ports and now no USB items work at all via the USB C cable. i get the display but no USB ports at all no matter how much i try to move the cable. its really frustrating as my laptop only has thunderbolt ports and I brought this monitor as it can charge my laptop and has usbs on the back acting as a hub 

could anyone please help me with this issue. I really like the monitor does this need to go back to Samsung? 

PS I have tried another computer just to make sure its not an issue with my laptop and unfortunately it's still the same outcome I have display/sound but I cant use the USB hubs on the back. 


Any help would be appreciated thanks