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Samsung 55Q90R and Cambridge Audio TVB2 v2 syncing

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Although not an expensive soundbar I really like my Cambridge Audio TVB2.  I've recently purchased a Samsung Q90R and have had a few issues getting it to work with the soundbar.  I have Sky Q and that works fine, and realising the soundbar doesn't work with a Dolby signal I set my Panasonic blu ray to PCM and that works now.

The trouble is with Amazon Prime.  When I select it I just get a flashing 'Audio Error' on the bar, and no sound.  I'm using HDMI and have tried it via the optical cable (which solved the issue with my old TV) but no joy this time.  

Initially I found that I could select the TV speakers instead and watch half of a programme, but when I went back into it later, as soon as I select the TV speaks it immediately auto selects back to the soundbar!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  The TV is on a 90cm cabinet and the Cambridge fits perfectly.  A soundbar upgrade may be needed, but they're around 120cm and would look odd stick out (although I appreciate that the TV does anyway, but that looks fine).

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I seem to have the same issue. When audio is routed via optical and I'm just watching TV there's no problem, but as soon as I switch over to Amazon FireStick an "audio error" flashes on the tvb2. I did try HDMI Arc with no success either. The TV is J5600AK

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Hi.  I've been able to get Amazon to work to a basic degree by using my old 4k Fire Stick (the Q90R has an Amazon app)  but like you I just get the 'Audio error' when I try and go in via that.  If I switch Dolby off on the TV, via the FireStick, I get sound, but very basic.  At least you may be able to watch things for now.  I think the bottom line is that the TVB2 is a great soundbar, but lacks the technical additions of Dolby compatibility and other things to work with some TV's.  The man in Richer Sounds said that despite of trying, some soundbars just won't work with some TV's.

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