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Samsung 55 NU7100 apps crashing and smashing tv remote not working

(Topic created on: 01-09-2021 04:04 AM)
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Wanted to see if anyone else has been experiencing this issue. i've had my 55 inch for over 3 years now and just two weeks ago any team app i try on the smart hub crashes and then my tv remote also becomes problematic only after the app crashes. I click the scroll up button and it will automatically channel back and forth between two channels if I'm logged in to the TV plus app or on cable. Or if I'm on an HDMI for my fire stick that is off it toggles between the home menu constantly. If i hit the home or source button the remote doesn't respond or seems to have a mind of its own. i've even got ein and downloaded an app remote thinking it was my Samsung remote, but i have the same issue. Also tried not using the Samsung smart apps and using a firestick and same issue happens. my software is up to date and i've reset the tv and done a factory reset as well. anyone else experience this or know how i can resolve this?