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When I try to put smart view on with my pc it crashes and says "smart view has stopped working" with the error message underneath "Aproblem caused the program to stop working correctly.

It used to work fine, a higher spec pc than required, restarted and deleted about a dozen times.

I just dont understand why its crashing, I am going from pc to tv.

Any one have any ideas please as getting peedoff with it.

Thanks steve


Hi @steve10.


Just to confirm, was it working before on the PC you're using now? If so, has anything changed on the PC recently that may account for it not working now?


And where are you downloading Smart View from?


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Hi AntS

Yes all working fine a month or so ago

Dont think anything has changed on pc

Have down loaded from samsung and other places

Have deleted it and reloaded pc has been on and off all the time lol

Have turned firewall off to see if that was causing a problem

The program launches then stops with "smart view has stopped working"

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly ect

I just cant figure it out, it does say beta on the program if that helps.

Thank you for replying.


Rgds Steve

Same problem when i switch my anti virus from Avira to McAfee.
The only solution i found was to turnoff the Firewall portion of my McAfee antivirus when i want to watch movies/tv show from my PC (windows 10).
Now it works


Have tried that and still nothing.

I put what I want onto a usb stick and plug it in through the laptop


Thanks Steve

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