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Samsung 4K TV UN40NU7100

(Topic created on: 08-07-2020 08:12 PM)
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I purchased my Samsung 4K TV in July 2018. This vertical band showed up in March 2020. I contacted Samsung and they suggested some simple troubleshooting ideas, which I tried without success. Then then told me that since my TV was past the 1 year warranty, I should take it to a repair shop.

SO DISAPPOINTED with Samsung! I did not purchase the extended warranty from the store where I bought the TV because I thought that Samsung produced QUALITY products, that I would be ok without the extended warranty! Not even TWO YEARS and my $700CAD Samsung 4K TV is toast! I cannot in good conscience ever recommend Samsung TVs to anyone!

Final note: I have not taken it to be repaired yet. I am hoping that taking the back off and cleaning it might correct the issue. Perhaps it's dust, or a dead spider 🕷?

Anyways, I am scared to try and take the back off and clean it for fear I could make the issue worse. If anyone has tips or tricks to do this safely please let me know!!!

UPDATE: today that bar started flashing black noise as well
SHAME ON YOU SAMSUNG!Vertical Bar shows all the time no matter what  the watch source isVertical Bar shows all the time no matter what the watch source is