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QE75Q70RATXXC - High pitch noise!

(Topic created on: 26-12-2020 03:12 PM)

Hi! So i bought myself a "new" tv QE75Q70RATXXC. There is a high pitch constant sound everytime im watching it. Some apps are better than others but the sound is always there no matter what. If i change the picture modes the nasty sound changes but never goes away. Why dont Samsung tell us about this? Will there be an update? Or will i have to return it and have my money back? Im from sweden and i se alot of us having this problem.... Samsung can you give us an answer?

First Poster

I write my experience after buying the SAMSUNG TV MODEL QLED 65 QE65QN95AATXXC.

I bought this TV on 06-19-22 for a new home. After the months of July and August practically without use of it for holidays. When I go back in September and after moving in I start using it long enough to notice a high-pitched, constant and very annoying sound coming out of the TV.

I did some research with the TV. Noting that apparently it was not related to a speaker issue or a sound generation issue. Rather, it was issued by a hardware component located inside it. I was able to verify how, in addition, this sound subsides when I changed the channel, so I suspected that it could be related to an issue with the internal tuner. However, I tried to play content that did not depend on the tuner, content from other digital platforms whose information came from the Internet. The result: the same. The high-pitched sound persists while there is content playing on the TV. It only disappears when there is a channel change, or the screen “goes black” due to a change in video source, input, etc. But the moment the image is established, the sound reappears to stay.


The first thing I did was contact SAMSUNG Customer Support. They attended me quickly and after following a software update and self-diagnosis procedure via remote connection of the device, they concluded that the speakers were fine. I explained what was detailed in the previous paragraphs and after that they issued an order for the repair/evaluation of the technical service with whom they have an agreement in my location.


After 3 days of waiting, the technical service comes to my home to apply an internal SAMSUNG bulletin indicating how to proceed to resolve this identified fault.


I want to highlight that both technicians who attended immediately recognized and identified the noise. They replace the one-connect power supply and place some PADs (sinks) on a backplate located on the back of the panel or screen of the TV, in the central area. It should be noted that once the TV is open and turned on, while it was on some stands, the sound is clearly identified on this central board or circuit as the noise emitter (BN95-08287A – MAIN BOARD).  After applying this bulletin and starting up, it is verified how the sound persists. Not having remitted at all. The technical team reflects this in their assistance part and tells me that they cannot do more since they have applied the repair bulletin by substituting and replacing the parts they brought. The next steps were to completely replace the panel or screen including a new board. After 2 days, another team of technicians comes to my home to replace the entire panel. After opening the television again and also identifying the noise, they proceed to replace the panel. Once assembled and after the power on of the television, both technicians check how the sound PERSISTS again in the same component. They tell me again that for this they will have to take the TV and re-evaluate it internally and “someone” will contact me.


The result is that I have had a TV for 3 months, of which it has been in use for 1 month. And after 2 "repairs" in which every time the TV is opened, pieces of black plastic jump out as a result of the breakage of the tabs that fix the rear frame of the screen. And yet, it continues with a really annoying, constant sound that prevents being able to watch television for more than 30 minutes without a headache.  It is worth mentioning that the sound becomes even more acute when you are watching TV at night, in the last hours of the day, that the ambient noise is much lower, ending up having to turn off the TV.  Currently I find myself without a television, after having made a considerable outlay. Nobody contacts me informing me about the waiting time or the steps to follow. And much less give me any solution. I am personally very dissatisfied with SAMSUNG's customer service. I find myself constantly chasing them. In search of answers and some solution that they do not seem to want to give me, either directly to them or to the technical service. Not to mention the disappointment regarding the design of a product that cost me €1,399. For this price one expects to be able to watch television without having to put up with such annoying noise. It is the first time I hear this noise on a TV. Having had several televisions of different brands throughout my 32 years and for much cheaper prices.


I would like to attach the measurements made of this sound of about 3.6 KHz. The measurement conditions have been carried out through a spectrum analysis app installed on a mobile. I would also like to highlight that the sound is perceived much more than what the mobile microphone and its resolution allow to capture. In any case, in -NO NOISE- conditions DURING A CHANNEL CHANGE: