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QE65QN90DATXXU wont connect via wired connection

(Topic created on: a month ago)
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Brand new TV, been using it with WiFi OK for a few days. Decided to connect it via Ethernet but it will not connect. I am using a TPlinkAV600 power line adapter (moving house soon so will be connecting it straight to home wired network there).

All other devices connected to the adapter work OK. When i plug the Ethernet into my fire stick the LED on the adapter comes on straight away to show its  connected, when i plug it into the TV there is nothing. I have tried several different leads, a different power line adapter. I have checked for updates on the TV and reset it and followed all guides i can find in support including manual IP setup (which isn't gonna work anyway because its not connecting).

My only thought is that for whatever reason the TV doesn't like power line adapters? It works fine on Wifi but in the new house i need to stream my gaming PC to the living room TV and i need wired for that.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated although i should be able to work it out my self since i am a electrical engineer :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye: