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QE55QN90B TV Bezel protective cover?

(Topic created on: 27-08-2023 05:57 PM)
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Hi, I recently purchased the QE55QN90B TV. After setting up and removing the screen protector by the provided tab I noticed some silver glimmering to the top right  between the tv screen and bezel. On close inspection it seemed the bezel may also have a protective coating and the shimmer may come from the edge of it.

I was looking to see if this was a protective layer that should be removed, there is a very slight raised area on the corners that can be pinched between the finger nails but this covering appears to be very well applied so I have been a bit fearful of attempting to remove it in case it results in such a glimmer all round.

My dilemma is do I look to remove this covering which may be the cause of the glimmer and hence likewise remove the glimmer. Or does this risk even more glimmer? Just don't know if it is supposed to be removed or not. Any knowledge or help appreciated.