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Q975 Samsung Sm TV Disconnects from Wifi & Internet while all devices in my home still work. - ButYeah its my network -#samhung

(Topic created on: 05/02/19 18:26)


I just joined this group and seen everyone else having this issue. Please note my setup.

Q9 75 Inc


Aerohive NG AP's

Sonicwall FW

Cisco & Dell Switches


Spectrum---->SW FIREWALL-----Cisco 3560E---DellS3124P--AP250 


                                                                       | _ AP250

Back story:

I have had this tv since Aug of 2018, when the screen began to dimm all black in Dec. I got an engineering special from Samsung in Jan 23. About four days later I got this issue as well. The first troublehsooting I did, was ensure my IPAD's can get to the internet which they did. I then started looking at my Aerohive NG (WIFI Cloud) and seen that the TV was disconnecting itself. I thought that was strange, and after calling Aerohive, they stated that the tv would be the issue since every other Device, 2xIpads and phones, not to mention my NVIDIA Shield PRO TV.


Now the fun starts:

I call samsung, troubleshot with Louis for over an Hour, he made changes stating that changing the DNS would help solve this problem, however, I am a network engineer and knew that wouldn't be the case and it was quite commical when he disconnected himself from the Remote TV Session. Either way he made the change, after 1min 23 seconds (logs from my WIFI) the TV disconnected. He then went to hidden menu and stated that there is a feature that has the TV terminate the connection, so he turned it off, and I thought it would be fix. As we were stating our pleaseantries, well it happened again. 


Next the call drops and I can get back to him, after calling multiple Samsung to re-explain everything, they do more troubleshooting, reset the TV to factory and other stuff and finally I have a technician coming.


The issue now is that my tv is mounted about 2 ft on the wall where there is a mantle and well they wouldn't touch it. So the Service Quick rep told me to call samsung. I then pleaded with samsung to please use my retailer Fry's which I spent 600 bucks for 2 year support contract, and had them install it, well they said no and can only be Service Quick and Tekniton in the San Diego Area. 

Finally service quick called me back and stated that they would send two technicians to help unmount the tv, and for clarity I also stated I would help them, so I called samsung and let them know of the good news and they stated great, we will dispatch two technicians. Great! I was happy.


So finally the day of service Tekniton Eugene shows up, I was puzzled, I thought service quick was coming but I am happy since we can get to the root cause.


He was suprised on my setup on the tv being mounted on a wall and he wouldn't do it and took pictures.. oh yeah not two techs just one, i pleaded with him that if he can help me unmount the tv we can do it, but he couldn't do it, and I get it, a liability issue so I let it go. So then he does troubleshooting and  states that its a power issue with the one box, yet again another appt. 


Finally yesterday shows up Daniel from Tekniton, and boy did he have an attitude. Tells my wife "if you want anything fixed that tv needs to be down" finally i get out of my meeting and start explaining. He replaces the onebox and we cant connect to the wifi, he puts it on his cell phone mobile hot spot and looks at me like I am an *****... "see it works"

I was like wait, i try to explain to him about my logs, and debugs, and states I don't know any of that, I say I do. Finally the TV connects to my Wifi and I am happy because let's see if we can see it happen. I tell him to take a picture of it, and we start streaming.. And finally it happens, it stops because I see it in my logs. And i tell him, he then states "it still playing" i then go to networking status and yes disconnecting but Netflix is just cached i tell him. He cant explain it, connects to his phone again and states "it works with my phone".... Frustrating! This kept happening for a while, and through the whole troubleshooting session I had put my daugthers IPAD streaming a 3 hour movie from Netflix and it never dropped. He couldn't explain it.


The technician's response and Samsung agrees that Its "my Network"

Since the tv was mounted on the wall they couldn't replace the WIFI Module. SO i have to call back, however I think I am done with Samsung. After having my 55 UN tv for 9 years and decided to go with the slick Q9 expecting High End tv, and now have buyers Remorse on a tv over 5K. 

The workaround that I did is put the Hulu App on my NVIDIA shield TV and just stream it from there. The TV is not reliable, and Samhung really hung themselves with this experience as it seems I'll be going with an Android TV when this TV dies. My manager has stated samhung uses subpar equipment and he recommended the LG. I wish I would have spoken to him before I purchased this TV.


Goodbye #Samhung, you lost a customer for sure on this one.

Lol. Had tv six months and internet moduel in tv would not detect any ANY wireless connections. I knew it was junk. After I moved it 15 feet and and it wasn't jared or harmed. It just became a rip off.