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Wifi and hard wired TV will not stay connected to network. Samsung don't seem to know, yet internet full of it!

(Topic created on: 12-02-2020 01:59 PM)
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TV. UE75KS8000

4K 8000 series TV

Had for three years

Fine until latest firmware update 1241.5



Wifi only connects or even 'sees' the home wifi once we re power the TV. Home wifi router in the same room. Once connected, within 5 minutes, get the streaming problme and disconnects from wifi. 


Hard wired

Have a powerline adaptor next to the TV. This has worked all the three years since we had the TV, and continues to work as the Appletv box next to it also uses it. Network cable been replaced and all the same. 

If we re power the TV, it sees the connection and happy days. However, if the TV goes to sleep, or turned off on standby, when we restart, it cannot see the network and refuses to connect to the router. 


We have had no issues until the latest firmware upgrade in September, and looking through the internet, seem to not be the only one with this issue.


My IT man from work, suggested downgrading the firmware to 1240.00 which was in June 2019.  I have this on a USB stick , but obviously when i come to the TV seeing it, it thinks its up to date and will not let me downgrade to the previous version. 


I am now left with a dummy TV. 


I can thankfully access Apps via the Appletv, but why should'nt i be able to do so on the TV?


I have chat with samsung help, who were not helpful at all, and suggested contacting a local samsung repair person, who may or may not fix it. They think the netword card is at fault.


Why, should i have to do this? Why can i not just downgrade, like any other device these days?

 If i reset the TV, it says' reset all but network settings' how fustrating!! I want to reset the network settings! Not saying that will cure it, but a chance would be a fine thing. 


No-one will answer st Samsung, just say that i think that. they are aware of this, but will not admit their weakness, as judging by the enormity of the internet chatter about this, it could be damaging. 


Thanks for any help in advance, please dont suggest changing cables, resetting the router etc, moving the router, resetting the TV to factory, done all that, and to solution.



Losing faith with Smasung. 



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I have the same issue with my samsung TV - UE55JU6500- firmware version: 1550.....really annoying 😔