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Q90T: Turning off "default switch" to HDMI1 when he doesn't get a signal in time?

(Topic created on: 02-01-2021 10:06 AM)

Hello community,

I have a question regarding the Q90T as one of the "features" drives me insane and I cannot seem to find a way to turn this off.


My setup:

  • Q90T connected to a Denon X2700 via HDMI3/eARC port
  • No other devices connected via HDMI

My problem:

Every once in a while my UHD player (Sony) takes a bit longer to actually read an UHD - apparently the player doesn't seem to send an "I'm still here" signal during this time - after a (rather short amount of time) the Samsung will give me the dotted circle that he is looking for a signal and then an error message. Problem there is that it then switches automatically to HDMI1 (which makes no sense whatsoever to me). So I need to switch manually back to HDMI3 where the picture has "arrived" in the meantime.

Used the same disc on a Panasonic player (advantage of having two players) and saw that the Panasonic actually send a "Please wait" screen to the TV - so even if it takes longer the TV is fine as it is receiving a continuous signal.


I do know that it is caused by the way the player behaves, but it would also help me greatly if I could just tell the TV to not switch inputs automatically if he doesn't get a signal in time. As this is not really helping... :winking-face:

Also why the TV defaults to HDMI1 is beyond me (would make more sense to default to the eARC port) - but this also I cannot seem to change.


Any ideas?

Thx and a happy new year!