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Q90R No Signal from Windows 10 PC with Input Signal Plus Enabled

(Topic created on: 30-11-2019 09:52 AM)

Hi All,


I'm having some fun and  games with my Q90R having connected it up to my Windows 10 desktop PC (via NVIDIA 1080GTX HDMI 2.0 port). I'm currently trying to get HDR working from the PC on this screen at any resolution 1080p 30Hz/60Hz, 4K 60Hz, but there seems to be what I can only describe as some sort of handshake type issue between the TV and the PC because as soon as I enable "Input Signal Plus" on the HDMI port at the TV, the TV loses signal and my primary monitor flickers continously as it detects the TV and then drops connection. This problem also persists whilst using only the Samsung Q90R too. As soon as "Input Signal Plus" is turned off, it all works just fine, only I cannot enable HDR at all. It works flawlessly at 4k 60Hz, 1080P 120Hz but this is baffling m.


I've tried a variety of short HDMI 2.0 cables which I know work from my PS4 Pro and XBOX One X (1.5m - 2m length), and have tried using all of the HDMI ports from the One Connect box, but the problem persists. I do have a HW-Q70R soundbar also connected to the One Connect box with ARC enabled, and will look at eliminating that shortly.

If anyone else has had a similar problem and found a way to get HDR working via Input Signal Plus without the Windows PC having a total head-fit and found a solution they could share, I'd be most appreciative. I've had a search on the forum and spent a couple hours on google but didn't turn up a whole lot.


Kind regards.

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Dude you are a life saver!!! This works!!


Hello! S95C and RT3080 do not work. The nvidia control panel 60Hz is the max. It would be possible to switch to 100Hz if Input signal plus was enabled on the TV. If I enable it, the image flickers, so I can't set it in the nvidia control panel.


Hiya. So the flickering I narrowed down to either a faulty board or a bad cable or perhaps turning on/off game mode. I was sometimes able to get a stable experience with game mode was toggle on or off.  

In my case sadly it worked for a few weeks and then I had to get my board replaced and the flickering stopped straight away and 100hz was stable. The techs did some remote troubleshooting and my board was throwing up many errors. 

You might want to try another cable though. The best one I can gather from feedback is the bridgee certified cable I got from amazon.  Link below  

Bridgee [Certified] Fiber HDMI...