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Q60R QLED (49 inch) flicker while using HDMI

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I just bought the Q60R QLED 49inch Model to use it for 4k pc gaming. Unfortunately there is an extreme amount of white flickering (Check video here: . This only happens when I connect a PC (No flicker in built in Netflix). At first i thought it's my pc/Graphics card but this is not the case (I tested a 4k Monitor and it worked fine). I turned the extended input signal on/off, used different hdmi ports, tested different hdmi cable, turned game mode on/off. But the problem is still there. This is so annoying! Does anyone knows why this is happening and is there a way to fix this? Otherwise I will send the tv back 😞

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Superuser II

Hello @Almdudler 

Try to see this path Settings> General> External Device Manager> Input Signal Plus
Check if the used port is enabled or disabled





I'm having the same problem depending on ps4 hdmı 1 e but the image does not come. Identifies the device, but unfortunately the image does not appear

In you Switch System Settings, Go to TV output and change the RGB Range from Automatic to Limited. Bingo. 👍

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