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Optical audio no volume control


My TV is UE 50 RU7402. My speakers are Edifier R1280DB.

If I connect them through optical (toslink), I can't control the volume with Samsung's One remote. When I press volume up or down, the tv shows on screen the word "optical" and nothing happens.

Is there a way to control the volume?

If I understand correctly, when I search through TV settings it is possible to control speakers or AV receivers from other brands when connected with optical cable. So the optical connection  isn't "fixed". Why not having it "open" for all brands?

Is this going to change in the future with an update?


P.S. If I connect them through bluetooth I can control the volume with One remote just fine. But I prefer the sound through optical. Also, I have to re-pair the speakers every time I power on the TV.

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Same issue 


Same issue here.

HK Soundsticks connected via optical...I can either choose between no volume control at all(optical, where no speakers in the tv are on, and volume just says 'optical'), or control of the tv-speakers, and no regulation through the optical connection of the soundsticks 'tv-speakers'. ???


Is this because you only want to sell new gear? Let's spend a little less please.


Just tried my bluetooth speaker, and volume is controlled just fine....could this be the solution then 🤔 I'll give it a go as a super cheap solution 🤞🏼


This is not a solution. Bluetooth gives  lower quality sound.

As I mentioned in my first post, I tried the bluetooth connection and I have volume control through Samsung's remote. But, that way you have lower quality sound and you have to reconnect the speakers every time you close the tv or the speakers. It doesn't have an option for automatic connection (priority) with the speakers whenever they are on or in range.

The problem is why Samsung has "dynamic" optical connection for AV receivers and not powered speakers? What's the point?

Also, I have contacted customers service, they told me that they will answer me through email because technically it's a complicated question, and never got an answer. So, don't wait for a solution. You can draw the same conclusion if you search the net for the same problem. It goes years back.

My bad, read and wrote over several forums, so got the timelines messed up. Guess it'll be the aux speakers on a set level, until a solution arises...would hate to throw out my soundsticks, as they are still perfectly fine. But classic stuff from companies these days.
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I am having the same issue with a 50" 7 Series UHD connected to LG Audio soundbar via optical input. 

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Drou Try this link

its for a Sonos playbar but connected by optical cable so steps should be the same. 

tell me if this works as I've just ordered the same edifiers 


Sorry for the long post.

I followed the guide you posted. Weird results. At the same time, I had the satellite box connected through hdmi to tv. Here is what I did:

1) Exactly what the guy in the video did and the only difference was that now + and - symbols appear above the word optical. Also, with every press of the volume button there is a lag. But, still no volume control.

2) With the speakers connected through optical cable directly to the tv and powered on, I changed the sound source to optical. I then went to universal remote settings - new device - home theater - search for the brand: i typed "Edifier" - click "view more brands" - "Edifier" appears - click on "Edifier" - click on "Optical" - "Power Test" - this time clicked "No", now you have 3 more times to make the Power Test - clicked second time "Power Test" and pushed the volume buttons on the remote. On the little window the live program from satellite was playing and I saw that with every press of the button the sat box's volume bar appeared and volume control was working. So, I thought I'll have the volume of the speakers to a fixed number and I'll use the volume bar of the sat-box. - I pressed "Yes". Went back to live program to test the volume buttons and no matter what I pushed the volume only got louder and the sat-box's volume didn't appear like it did on the little window.

Tried again 2-3 times, every time I clicked on "Yes" at different number of attempts of the "Power Test". Each time weird things were happening: volume going only down, crackling sounds, I was increasing the volume and it was going back down on its own...

3) This time I didn't power the speakers on. Followed the steps above and used all 4 "Power Tests". At the 4th, a new button appears that says "Enter Model Number" - clicked on that - typed "R1280DB" - clicked "View more Models" or something like that - "R1280DB" appears - clicked that and now I had a new set of 4 attempts - at the second or third attempt the speakers powered on so I clicked "Yes" - tested the volume buttons and again weird things were happening but most of the times the speakers were powering off.


If you have the time, when your speakers arrive, test for yourself and post the results.


By the way, great speakers. They need a little "breaking in" period but their sound is really good.


Hello there. Before I bought my new edifier speakers today, I searched for the brand "edifier" in my universal controller belonging to the ru7100. When I first time searched it, it didn't show up, but when I pressed ''show more'', I saw the edifier brand and I realized that the univarsal controller can works with this brand. (than i exit, not setup) Then I buy the speaker today, connected it with bluetooth and tried it. (the sound output was very low except for the spotify application) I will try it with an optical cable tomorrow, but interestingly, this time when i wrote the "edifier" on the add universal remote list, it could not find the brand. Although I clicked on "show more", the edifier was no longer available. Hey! Where are you?!


1- Where do I make mistakes and why can't I see the edifier brand in my universal controller list on RU7100?

2- Will connecting with an optical cable increase the volume of my edifier speakers? When I connect to TV via Bluetooth, the sound is really low. (sound is perfect when i connect bluetooth with iPhone)

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