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One Connect Box

(Topic created on: 21-09-2023 09:21 AM)
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Can someone please advise.  Our one connect box is not working and you just hear constant clicking from it.  The red standby light comes on and then goes off.  Where can you get these replaced/buy a new one or just get help with regard to the same.  The TV is literally only 4 1/2 years old.... 

Any help appreciated.  Many thanks.


Hello. The fan in my one connect box for my 2014 TV blew out a year ago. I didn't have a extended repair contract anymore as it had already been repaired a few times and I figured it was going to last a while longer. I spoke to Samsung support on the phone and they told me that you cannot buy a new one connect box from them. It has to be repaired. They told me that if you buy a one connect box from someone on the internet, whether it's new or used, they say it probably won't work or not work completely or correctly because each one connect box is made only for the screen that came with it. Samsung told me there's no guarantee that any other one connect box will work. If you don't have a repair contract and if you can get it fixed from the store that you bought it from and you don't mind paying a few hundred bucks extra I suggest getting it fixed and then buying and renewing a yearly repair contract from the store or repair shop. Do not buy a one connect Box off of the internet for just a couple of hundred bucks. You will be disappointed.