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No signal on Samsung Q70T TV when using PS5 game mode

(Topic created on: 01-02-2024 04:35 AM)
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Hi, I have a Samsung Q70T TV and a PS5. I’m having a problem with the HDMI signal when I use game mode on the TV. This is what happens:

  • When I turn on the PS5, the TV says no signal. I have to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable to get the signal back.
  • When I turn on game mode on the TV, the signal goes away again. Even if I turn off game mode, the signal doesn’t come back. I have to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable again.
  • I tried using different HDMI 2.1 cables, but they all have the same problem.
  • I tried turning off HDCP, HDMI Device Link, and reducing the signal speed on the PS5, but none of them helped.
  • I updated the firmware of both the TV and the PS5 to the latest versions, but the problem still persists.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I want to use game mode to enjoy the gaming features of the TV, such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and low input lag. Thanks for any help.

EDIT: I solved the problem by reducing “4k transfer rate” to -1 instead of automatic on the PS5, but the crazy thing is ever since i got that tv(2021) i used automatic, but now i have to use -1 (4:2:2) subsampling instead of (4:4:4) subsampling, maybe it’s a firmware issue. Just pointing out hope this gets fixed soon