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No English channels

(Topic created on: 11-09-2021 08:33 PM)
Craig D
First Poster

UK channels (in old money) channels bbc 1,2 ITV, C4, C5 are not visible.


samsung UE49RU80000U

Aerial is fine, tested with two different once which work (both) on other TV.


now I had channels, but after update, this stupid Samsung TV plus appeared as default and no amount of auto tuning I do, am I able to find normal UK channels, or if I reset the TV. 

I am one step short of buying a jigsaw, sawing it into small pieces, buying a ticket to wherever Samsung HQ is and delivering it personally to your CEO. 

a TV that cost me £800 and is the worst TV I’ve ever purchased. This problem has been on going for almost 2 years now, I manage to fix it and on next software update, gone again. Sick of it.  I’m in UK and all I want to do is watch a game of tennis of the first UK woman in a tennis final for over 40 years, and I am unable to because of this problem. 

disgusting. Utterly disgusting.