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No composite connection on Samsung UE55MU7000 TV

(Topic created on: 06-10-2017 07:29 PM)
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I have just installed a Samsung UE55MU7000 TV and 750 soundbar as a replacement for a previous Panasonic TV. I am very pleased with the new UHD setup but have just discovered that there are no composite connectors, despite what is shown on the Emanual and John Lewis website. I have chatted with a Samsung agent and they have confirmed that there are no composite inputs.

With my previous Panasonic TV I had a 2.4GHz wireless receiver connected with composite , so that I could check several bird box cameras. I have a Composite to USB converter but the Samsung TV doesn't seem to recognise it.

Has anyone else had the same issue  or know a way round it using a particular Component to USB/HDMI converter? If so I would be pleased to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.




I'm not surprised these older connections are now disappearing, but it can be annoying to find they are missing.


If you have an AV receiver, these often still have composite connections (although double check).  The AV receiver will then output this over HDMI.


Alternatively you need something like this which will do the same job.


Anything that converts from composite to USB isn't going to work on a something like a TV, they need drivers and would likely only support Windows and PCs.





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I just spent an hour on the phone and on a chat with Samsung support.   They are ignorant to the converted HDMI issue and their bottom line policy is the Mini should only be used with direct HDMI sources and not with any converter equipment.  This renders the Samsung equipment that exclusively uses the Mini interface useless with a large amount of existing equipment owned by the consumers that have standard RCA, S-Video or YPbPg composite video output only.  If you own any of that equipment and do not want to throw it away, be warned Samsung only  guarantees operation with straight HDMI sources.  I have tried multiple converters from several manufacturers and none are recognized by the Mini interface even though they work with other HDMI TV's.  


If I would have known this I would not have made the purchase.


In addition, non of the people I spoke with had enough technical background to explain why there would be a compatibility issue with an industry standard HDMI source, directly or through a converter. 


Anyone contemplating the purchase of a Samsung product needs to be made aware of this major issue of backward compatibility.