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More TV Plus Woes

(Topic created on: 18-12-2020 12:30 PM)

I posted previously about the difficulty in selecting TV Plus channels;  some come up straight away while others can take 4 to 6 attempts or never load. It is always the same channels.  Well, now there is a strange development.  If I am watching a TV Plus channel and I use the Channel Up or Channel Down button on the remote, the TV goes straight to either BBC 1 (Freeview Ch1) or Adult Section (Freeview Ch699).  It makes no difference what channel I was watching before going to TV Plus.  It never used to do this as I could move through the TV Plus channels using the Up/Down buttons.  Anyone know what's going on?

I tried the Samsung Support Chat Line.  She suggested "Samsung TV Plus can be access if your TV is connected to the internet. Also, the availability of the channels depends with the signal coverage on your area."  It is me?  Isn't TV Plus a streaming service?

...and then this: "The channel's availability not just depends on your internet connection. Since this is a third party content provider, we have no control over it. It would be best to check the content developer for clarification and if there are know issues on their end. "  Does anyone understand this, please? 'Content developer'?

Update:  the channel Up/Down problem has gone away.  Due to another problem with the set (see my other posts) whereby I lost my Freeview channels, I did a Freeview retune.  For reasons unknown to me, this seems to have fixed the other problem.