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LE32 N73 BDX/XEU (Not Smart) suddenly not finding DTV

(Topic created on: 05-12-2022 12:10 PM)
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This is a bedroom TV, and is just used to watch SKY not freeview or anything. No accessories/dongle/set-top boxes or anything else are connected to it, just the coax feed. Never had a single problem til now.

After an onscreen prompt to rescan channels because some had changed (which happens at intervals and has always been just a couple of mins to do and then has dropped the set back in to the programme selector perfectly fine) the TV became a blackscreen and woluldn't display DTV at all nor show the menu when I pressed the "D.MENU" button on the remote.

If I press the remote's " TV/DTV" selector button the screen displays active channels Ext 1 & Ext 2, but just as "Snow" because we haven't ever set/connected it up to display those services/channels.

If I press the "TV/DTV" button again it goes back to DTV/Blackscreen

If I press the D.MENU button in blackscreen nothing appears (I expected that but thought it worth trying)

If I press the D.MENU button whilst in "TV" mode not "DTV", I get a message "Not available" (again, expected but tried anyway)

If I press the regular Menu btton in TV mode, it pops right up and all sections are accessible, though without any signal/picture on those channels just "snow" there's no visible effect

The remote seems to be operating completly fine, I installed new batteries as a precaution anyway: also I have checked the emitter using my digicam, and the lights  always flash on any/all button pushes. So there is a good signal on the D.Menu button, and the menu would probably have popped up for me to be able to investigate/reset or something if it wasn't blackscreened.

I have switched the TV set off then on again, also off and left it to go power-cold anything from a couple of minutes to a whole weekend, but it has never corrected or reset on restarting.

So, how do I get the set to "see" DTV again after that regular channel rescan? Can Anyone help Please? 




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Does anyone ever answer these posts?  I've got the same problem and I have seen a number of different people asking the same question but there is never any answers.