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LCD Open Cell Replacement - Fault

(Topic created on: 17-09-2023 04:58 PM)

Hi All,

I purchased a 50" Samsung TV on December 27th 2021 (Model: UE50AU8000K) for €550. The TV came with a 1 year warranty. I noticed after a couple of weeks that if left idle when on a HDMI source, that the screen colour would wash out. Quick fix was to power cycle the TV and the problem was solved. At the time I thought it was Eco Mode settings on the tv activating, or the reactive backlight based on the room lighting but I've now found out the hard way that it was a failing/faulty LCD Cell. Last week I turned on my TV, after 30 seconds the screens edge started showing a creeping black cloud forming. The screen then automatically power cycles and reboots. Upon reboot the screen seems normal and then after 30 seconds it happens again on repeat. 


I received a quote from Samsung's 3rd party repair company for €285 to carry out the work and resolve the issue. I then contacted Samsung via their online tech support and was advised by an agent that the tv was out of warranty and they wouldn't be doing anything to assist. I then continued to research the fault and stumbled across a thread on the Samsung forum of users having similar issues with TVs of that year and there are posts advising of complimentary repairs being supplied to users because of the fault. I rang Samsung on Friday, spoke with an agent who when informed of the thread/post, denied that there was any known issue with that specific model, advised he was aware of the frustration I must feel with a tv less than 2 years old breaking so quickly on me and advised he'd arrange for a member of the loyalty team to call me and when would I like the call. I advised the agent I could be contacted at 9am on Saturday, today (Sunday)at 2.12pm I received a call from Samsung from their tech support line and not their loyalty team (one day late) to advise again that the tv was out of warranty and they would not be doing anything to assist. If I had however reported the issue with screen washout originally however it would have been covered and that he was unable to offer a complimentary repair because it was so far beyond the warranty timeframe. 


I'm highly disappointed that a company as big and well known as Samsung can't stand over their own products, products I might add that do not have the same wear and tear you'd expect from a device that is carried/moved daily e.g phone/tablet/laptop for more than one year. A TV should not be breaking 1 year and 9 months after purchase and certainly should not be showing faults weeks after purchase. 


Your customer service representatives did not show any compassion and their lack of follow up when scheduling a return call was not up to standard. I do not know how consumers can have faith in companies and support them, when this is how their business model is represented. 






Let's hope that's not true. Thank you for the information above, I do appreciate the willingness to help. Just need to wait and see if a representative reaches out on the matter.