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Is my TV too old for the Samsung britbox app...

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My Samsung TV  model is a UE50JU6800KXXU

I am trying to get the Britbox app on it.


1 What age is my TV please ? I think it's 2017, as my 46" had a D date code, which is 2011 (and cant get get any apps at all, and certainly not the britbox app !!!).


2 Assuming it IS under 5 years old... how can I get the app. I have tried updating the apps, but nothing seems to happen, so maybe I'm not doing it right.


3 How do I do an app update please ?



I believe britbox not supporting TV's older than 4 years. Yours is 5. Samsung have nothing to do with app, its app creators. Have you tried web browser on TV?


I have been onto Samsung, and the next software/app update "might" add this app.....

I am investigating mirroring from an ipad. "Video & TV cast" is a samsung app, but it seems it costs $9.99 before it does anything, and I'm not sure if it will allow me to cast britbox.

If mirroring fails, I'll go down the web  browser route - just a fad typing in the web address each time on the remote...

Maybe I'll buy another chromecast - I know that works.


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