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Intermittent fault on qe55q7fam

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Hi all,


I've tried searching for this issue but can't see anyone having the same fault.

It was intermittent but is happening constantly now.

When I turn the tv on (qe55q7fam) with either the tv remote or the sky q remote there is audio but no picture. Operating the remotes changes things but obviously with no picture (Just a black/grey screen)


The first time it happened I turned the tv off and on again and it cleared the fault. I checked the software and everything's up to date and no faults are showing.


Now the only way to get the picture back is to unplug the one connect cable from the back of the one connect box and then reconnect it. It was requiring just one disconnect/ reconnect. Now it takes 5 or more attempts.


When the picture comes back it starts with the QLED screen saver and goes back into sky q.


I'm guessing it's the one connect box but has anyone  else come across this?


A second hand box is about 150 so I'd rather ask than just spend it on something that may not fix the fault.


Thanks in advance



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Anyone any experience of this ?


Only recently joined the forum - I have had exactly the same problem with my QE49 QLED., the little brother of yours, started off having to plug and unplug once, then switch on or off several timers with the remote, gradually became worse to the point now where there is no picture at all. As the disconnection animation graphic shows on the screen when I unplug I'm certain it's the lead or Connect box, trying unsuccessfully to locate the correct lead to try that first, sadly they are not cheap. Samsung spares and support pretty useless. Did you manage to resolve the problem yourself? Very interested to know the outcome. Cheers

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