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How do i delete or block bloatware apps on smart tv ?

(Topic created on: 14/05/18 13:17)


 As you can see the above apps won't allow me to delete them.


We have strong views about some of these apps and i don't want our family to have to deal with them on our new expensive smart tv.


We wish to delete them all. Specifically the pay for view cinema apps.


Failing that we need to stop the pay for view cinema app from endlessly  playing when you select live tv.


Not everything it shows is to our liking and it's a temptation to make purchases for the family and leads to arguments.  Its eye candy infront of babies.  Seriously wtf samsung.


When I choose live tv I don't want it to default to these junk channels.


Can anyone help us block the automatic viewing or delete them entirely  ?


We certainly didn't pay less for the tv to put up with advertising in our living room which we don't accept on our other devices.


Ps here's a link of samsung claiming all apps can be removed: