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HDMI and freesat-TV

(Topic created on: 06-06-2022 10:58 AM)
not tech savvy
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i just bought a new smart samsung tv, i have poor internet so can not use that as the main source of tv, so have a freesat dish and box.

however which all was fine for a week, using a hdmi cable (in port 2 on the tv) to the box today the box is on (blue light) but the screen is resolutely black- i know it takes time to find signal but this is a constant.

I have a new freesat box and another hdmi cable so i tried replacing everything but still nothing.

after asking the guy who installed the dish (who is on holiday- oops) i did what i ended up doing with the previous tv- trying the av cables- and presto i have a service again.

But the image quality is absolutely rubbish

So my question is can anyone tell me why my hdmi ports are failing on these tv? esp the new one (i suspect on the old (second hand) one the port was rusty)? I was just enjoying good clarity for the first time in ages and now dont know how to solve this hdmi issue (as i say ive tried another cable and box)

any advice? please answer in TV for Dummies speak as i really dont like or get tech and struggle to understand tvs since it stopped being "plug in and turn on"!! cheers :smiling-face: