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FRAME TV: Feature Request... correction, DEMANDS!

(Topic created on: 23-06-2020 07:05 PM)

Dear Samsung,


I am tired of waiting for the product I was sold, and judging by the number of other people in these threads, I'm not the only one. I purchased the 65" Frame a year ago expecting a certain amount of basic functionality from the Art Mode. It was not delivered. I was expecting it based on the fact that there are minimum standard features for any device like this which presents some kind of content, the fact that this TV was twice as expensive as your equivalent TV without Art Mode, and the fact that the moderators here originally seemed interested in our feedback. It hasn't happened, you've simply taken my money in exchange for false promises and a rubbish product. I would love to have had 20 of them around the studio by now, but I'm still regretting the 1 I purchased to test.


I have all but given up any hope in making any use of the Art Mode functionality, but in case someone there actually has any interest in improving the product to a minimum acceptable standard, I have collated the most requested feature updates from the vast number of complaints I have seen across this site and others below. I cannot fathom why most of these aren't included already, or why they seem to be so inconvenient for you to implement, but here they are anyway.


Slideshow Functionality

- Provide an option to randomize the image sequence.  Currently the slideshow only plays start to finish, music players haven't done this since cassette tapes went out of fashion!

- Randomize the starting image, or pick up the sequence from the last image when returning to Art Mode.

- Assign a skip forward/back to the remote so that Art Mode can be used as a presentation medium, or simply skip over an image you don't like. Again, you're stuck here in the days of cassette tapes!

- Allow the user to select the duration/interval of each image, for many the current minimum of 10 minutes is too long.

- Option that defaults to Slideshow. As it is, when returning to Art Mode, or after a power outage, the slideshow stops altogether or the duration resets to 6 hours.



- An option that sets the default mat for imported images or can be applied to multiple/all images. It is cumbersome to change them all one-by-one.

- Allow mat size adjustments, not just a fixed distance as it is now.

- Provide photographers/artists with an ICC profile so that they can get a better proof of the images they intend to display.

- Allow images to be uploaded with a title and basic information like the artist and brief description.

- Assign an information button to the remote so that image details can be overlaid on the screen without having to go back to the settings menu. The Meural digital canvas does this very well if you need an example.


Art Store

- Provide artists with the ability to make their artwork available on the Art Store.



- Currently the slideshow ends at random, or when returning to Art Mode, or when waking from sleep mode or power reset. Some people say that it's just the duration that resets to 6 hours, but my experience is that it stays with the single image until the slideshow is restarted manually.

- Image transitions are currently horrible. A simple crossfade or something would be much more aesthetic than what currently happens... first image is removed, screen flashes white, second image is displayed, and then some kind of image optimization happens. It's hideous, fix it.


I'm sure I've probably missed plenty, and there is a lot more that could be done with this, but most of the above should be considered minimum requirements, be programmatically simple to implement and therefore cost very little in development, and provide the necessary functionality to make this an actual useful tool in a professional environment.


To be fair, the TV functionality is great, but it's not what everyone paid the exorbitant premium for!


A comment from the moderators better than "we'll pass it on" would be appreciated.

An expected delivery date on a firmware update from the developers would be as well!




- On behalf of your many (currently) unhappy Frame TV customers!


Co-signed of course. Most of these are trivial requests from a software perspective, and they should be prioritized to dramatically improve the value of this TV.


I'll reiterate that as Gecko mentions in the first paragraph, these are extremely basic features. A "buyer beware" excuse  does not hold water for those who purchased the TV at face value and were unaware that Art Mode did not include, for example, a shuffle feature and the ability to start the slideshow from a certain image rather than the first. Anyone who pays the amount they did for this product would simply assume these features would be available. 


The aesthetic of the hardware is very pleasant, and the TV functionality works great. These aspects would make it a fair option for consideration at one-half to two-thirds the sale price, with Art Mode included and marketed as an afterthought. However, it is presented front and center as the primary selling point for the device. The phrase "Elegantly exhibit your personal art collection while in Art Mode" adorns the feature page for The Frame, but there is nothing elegant about the implementation of displaying static images that is currently available. 


You are absolutely correct.  

It's even called "The Frame" to show off it's primary feature - not as a TV!



Here here! Will not consider buying another one or recommending it to friends until these are resolved. 


I completely agree


Can I ask if you have had memory issues, I have subscribed but the art you can look at is limited, it seems the rendering step you mention during transition is it getting info from the internet. I have previewed many of the bits of art and it now does not let me set any new pieces with memory on TV down to 1% ? I have only the built in apps but fear the enormous Netflix and Apple are stealing artwork memory. 

Like you say we paid very much over the odds for the artwork bit. Lets have it work. Mine does not dim so artwork in the day, lilly pads for example looks fantastic. by evening sun goes down and they have a strange etherial glow.


I've had no issue uploading approx. 50 of my own photos and have plenty of storage available still.  The connection process with the SmartThings app is cumbersome and inconsistent and the upload process is slow and buggy and often results in the app crashing when uploading more than 1 image.  But it works.

As for the rendering step, I don't believe it's from any external data transfer.  It does it with images I've loaded to the unit, with wifi off.  You should be able to test the same.

The light sensitivity is a setting, make sure it's on.  But, assuming you know that, between that and the memory issue it sounds defective.  

Get a refund, not a replacement :winking-face:


Thanks for getting back to me have not used the app on my phone for uplading photos used a USB stick and that sems nice and quick. 

My thought on the rendering getting it from the internet was that the picture in preview shows and then big when set but the rendering stage does not work for artworks now the memmory is 99%full. I am guessing the sofware needs to swap around stuff to render and I just dot have enough space for it to play with. 

Anoying that I have now only 1 photo on the TV with loads on the USB drive it lets me play with. But cant get anymore stuff off of the art store.

I have decided to give the TV week and see if I am still anoyed by it. If it is still bugging me I will get a refund and buy a cheaper TV with more memory. There are such good apps out there that could be used and at the moment in lock down plenty of artwork made available free by National gallery etc.



@GeckoSquish wrote:

... but in case someone there actually has any interest in improving the product to a minimum acceptable standard...


A week later and, as expected, no comment from Samsung.  Pfft.


A couple months later and still no response... Worst purchase I've made in years!