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Feature Requests: Ambient Mode


Hello All,


After reading every possible thread about Ambient Mode and all of it's missing capability, I wanted to submit a feature-request list for future software updates to the QLED TVs.  These items are taken from discussions on this community that are very common:


1.) Display user-uploaded photos in FULL SCREEN and/or allow adjustment of the matte size.  - The (huge) photo frames/mattes in "Mono 4k" and "Mono Matte" take up way more screen area than the photo inside of them.  Users want to be able to SEE the photos that they upload to their big, fancy TV's just like the "Artwork" mode that's bundled to the TV.


2.) Use any photo as a "Background" image.  - For many, the automatic Background feature doesn't properly estimate what is really there.  Uploading an actual photo of the wall (without the TV blocking the center) would help more users get the effect that this features is advertised to do.


3.) Access to the Art Store, like The Frame TVs.  - This gets requested a LOT and I think it's a missed opportunity for Samsung.  People are willing to PAY Samsung for access to art pieces (and also to support the creators), but this feature is blocked?  Why not let users decide that they want a more feature-rich TV than The Frame model AND access to similar features for buying/displaying artwork?


4.) Gallery / Slideshow from a USB stick.  - Again, I think that The Frame TV offers this.  Ambient Mode will already do a slideshow of images from a Samsung Cloud account... why not just read the photos from a USB drive plugged into the TV?  For those of us that are photographers, this can be much easier to manage (especially because I think it's basically impossible to upload photos from a laptop directly to a Samsung Cloud account).


5.) Disable sounds in Ambient Mode.  - Users are complaining that certain ambient modes that play sounds will interrupt music being played on a connected BT/Sonos speaker/Sound Bar to play the TV sounds instead.


To be honest, Ambient Mode is one of the reasons that I chose this TV over Sony and LG OLEDs.  However, after experiencing how basic the functionality really is (to the point where we may never even use it), I'm considering returning the TV and switching brands.


Does anyone else have a request to add to the list?  I really hope that Samsung will hear us and consider some of these items.


Totally agree. I'd love to have the option of loading full-frame photos of my own artwork without a mat. Please make that happen, Samsung. Thanks! 

How did you do this?

I have a 2019 with Art Mode. Installed app and it recognizes my TV. Wish I could add my own artwork full-screen from gallery photos without a mat.

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Have just purchased a 55" 2019 QLed model and have been playing around with own images to set as art. Have just seen your point 1 and that is my biggest gripe so far. Can someone plaese confirm if loading own images that are formatted correctly to 16:9 with perfect pixel count of 3840 x 2160 there is no way to display own images without the border option?? When selecting the stock samsung pre loaded art this can display full screen but own images cannot?

Hopefully there is a work around to this, as feel when introducing a border it look less like actual art/frame as you see the light emmission. Full screen iamger looks much better.

Appreciate any help on this. Thanks


No work around that I could find. These are simply user forums, Samsung uses these to keep people from calling support. If your TV is within return period, take it back. They should be sued for false adverstising. And the Samsung Moderator here   doesn't do their job and even when they post, they make sarcastic remarks.


I just switched a planned Samsung Washer Dry Purchase (WF45R6100AC) over to a better deal too with better features. Working on getting my wife to switch her Andriod for iOS next.


Samsung is not a reputable company, judging by my experience here.

...and hilariously that last post earned me "The Friendly Face Badge". I'm waiting for them to wake me up from HyperSleep to check out a transmission of unknown origin from a nearby planet.

@D700 wrote:


 And the Samsung Moderator here   doesn't do their job and even when they post, they make sarcastic remarks.


Most of the time I’ll let stuff like this go, but on this occasion for clarity’s sake…


Appreciate the frustration, but there was no sarcasm intended in my post.


I was relaying the situation for us as it is, as LKB requested. Even when we report back on feature suggestions for non-Mobile/Tablet/Wearables, it's extremely rare for us to get any feedback on those to give to you all. Whilst there isn’t a direct feedback process in place for feature requests for Audio Visual products currently, you all still have a space for your voices here, and, as much as we’re able, we’d like to encourage that.


But there's also the fact to bear in mind that this forum is only supported by Samsung UK & Ireland, so outside of our area the team here aren't as aware of the situation where you are as your local team (e.g. we're unaware of how features or products are marketed in other countries); plus posting here is not going to be as visible to Samsung US as posting on the US Community would be, for example. IMO you should be doing what you can to make your voices count as much as they can, and to be receiving the advice and support that's most relevant to you.

 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.


 "Thanks for posting that!"

Forgive me if I misinterpreted the purpose of a thread titled "Feature Requests: Ambient Mode" on an official Samsung support forum, hosted on a Samsung domain which I was directed to during setup and troubleshooting of my Samsung device. 


Have further played with screen and if you do make the pixel count exactly 3840 x 2160 you can make your own pictures run full screen. Have done laoding via USB..winner winner chicken dinner.


Does the TV store the image if loaded via USB?  Want a library of pictures full screen stored on the TV so can cycle through them.

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