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Error with official 1409 firmware.

(Topic created on: 14-01-2024 09:44 PM)


First of all, I'm from Argentina, so technically there will not be any "direct" way for Samsung Europe to help me, nevertheless I'll try to search for some guidance.

Having said that let me explain my situation.

I have a ru7100 tv that had a firmware prior to 1401. One day when turning the tv on I'm being received by a message on the tv that said something along the lines of "updated successfully" (don't remember the exact words.)

That auto-update (OTA) was to 1401, and this introduced the bug with the subtitles. When this happened I've searched the forums (official Samsung forums) and there was little information, so my next stop was to go to the official Samsung page, with my specific model number and search for a firmware update. At the time, there was indeed an update with the number 1409 (remember, official page) so I've downloaded it, and installed it. This fw did NOT fix the subtitles bug.

Called Samsung support ARGENTINA, they never EVER understood my problem, made me factory reset the hub, the tv, asked me to turn my tv to the official service for a checkup (which i'll no -taking my device to a service center). A week later I found that the firmware 1409 "doesn't exist", and instead is replaced by the 1406 (again, official Samsung page for my model). So I've downloaded it, but cannot upgrade -obviously- because my installed firmware got a bigger number that the "newer" firmware I'm trying to install.

A few days passed by, and started to find many many posters (in this European forums) talking about this exact same problem, and Samsung ACKNOWLEDGED them by manually releasing a 1409.1 (which really is the 1406 If I'm not mistaken).

Of course the fw manually released by Samsung Europe for this particular issue is for the European users, meaning that I should not install that fw on my tv. That's why I'm on a quest to find that manually-released fw, but for the LATAM counterpart.

I've tried MANY MANY times talking to the support number for Argentina, and in every case the agents that took my case (first line support) treated me like crazy, like the fw 1409 NEVER existed, that the LAST version is the 1406, and they even said I've lied and "installed the wrong fw version from another tv". Of course my tv is out of warranty, and I will not take the tv to any service because obvious reasons. 

In my country there is NO way to talk to a second line (like a much specialized tech support) like I've seen you guys have here through email. So hopefully someone can lean me a hand in this matter?

I mean, Samsung released that 1409 ver by mistake, there should be a 1409.1 (or alike) with latest real firmware.

Sorry if my English is a mess, not my first language.

Thanks for reading if someone got this far.

UPDATE ===========================================================
The fw version 1420 was released a few days ago, and it fixed the subtitles bug BUT generated a totally new and completely infuriating bug. An audio sync issue when using S/PDIF.

I use a sony muteki home theater connected via SPDIF, and now everything is out of sync (everything that comes out the SPDIF). Lets say I open youtube, the audio is out of sync, and trying to correct it from the samsung works, BUT ONLY for youtube. If I change to prime video, USB, disney, apple TV, etc. The sync needed is DIFFERENT for every platform. 

Something weird is going on here.


Have a nice day!!

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Edit2: UPDATE 

First Poster

What is your tv model and exactly the firmware  version? Mine is model QN65Q6RAGXZD firmware T-MSMUABC-1409.0 and I am facing the same issue. I am gathering users with the same issue to make a big complaint at samsung Latin America, to see if they move their big backs to fix this.


Hi, my exact model is the UN50RU7100GCZB, and the FW downloaded from the official samsung page (filtered by my model) is the T-MSLUABC-1409.0. (I still have the file downloaded from their servers, and also have the URL -they deleted from the page-)
Count me in. My experience with Latam support was horrendous, like I've said in the original post, they treated me like a liar about a serious mistake they did. 

First Poster
I have a TV Model un50ru7450gxzd

 The last update until 2022 was 1406.0. At the beginning of 2023, I found version 1409.0 on the official Samsung website to download and update via USB

At the end of 2023, on the same website where I downloaded version 1409.0, version 1406.3 was available for download.

My TV is already out of warranty.

And now I have this problem, I'm stuck on version 1409.0

I haven't contacted support and I'm afraid that trying to update will damage the TV controller board.


trying to update will not break anything (for example, if you download the oficial 1406 fw posted by samsung when you search for your specific model). The only thing tha will happen is that the tv will refuse to "update" to a "previous version" fw.