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eArc Issues with Samsung QN90B TV

(Topic created on: 26-09-2022 01:21 PM)


I have a QN90B Samsung TV with significant eArc issues using a Yamaha A6A receiver.  I believe the Samsung QN90B and A models TV's have a major software and/or hardware critical defect with its eArc system.   The Samsung QN90B eArc problems started as soon as the Yamaha A6A was connected to the TV.  Performed extensive troubleshooting tasks over the span of 3 weeks with the help of experts from Yamaha's help line and they rightfully concluded that it was the Samsung QN90B TV having eArc communication issues with Yamaha A6A receiver.  Unfortunately the facts are now building that Samsung’s QN90B and A models TV’s do have a consistent and systemic defect in their eArc system that they need to fix as soon as possible. 


TV and AVR Configuration:

  • Only using Samsung QN90B TV apps such as Youtube-TV, Netflix, PrimeTV, Disney, Youtube.
  • eArc using 8K rated cable TV output to HDMI-3 to Yamaha A6A eArc input.
  • TV model number, QN75QN90BAFXZA 

    Summary of Problems with Samsung QN90A eArc with Yamaha A6A Receiver

  1. Audio randomly drops out when switching channels and/or changing volume.
  2. Significant audio delays when switching channels and/or apps.
  3. At times have total loss of audio when switching channels and/or apps.
  4. At times no audio upon TV startup.
  5. Random AVR source change at TV startup, and when changing channels and/or apps.

Summary of Troubleshooting Tasks:

  1. Switch to different HDMI cable at eArc connections, no improvements.
  2. Changed and adjusted numerous TV and AVR settings, no improvements.
  3. Bi-passed eArc with optical cable, all eARC related problems solved, but had lower quality audio.
  4. Bi-passed eArc with Apple TV using HDMI interconnects, all eARC related problems solved, but had lower quality video using Yamaha’s 4K up-converter, Samsung internal 4K upscaling is much better than Yamahas.
  5. Tried two new Yamaha A6A receivers, both had the same eArc issues.
  6. I believe there are no other solutions to this QN90B eArc problem.  I now firmly believe that the QN90B and A models have a hardware and/or software permanent eArc system defect.
Helping Hand
It seems to be an issue with the amp rather than the tv by looking alot of people are having the same issue with different tvs. Some people have found work rounds but not actual fix
Rachel Gomez

Tips to fix-

Disconnect all HDMI devices. ...
Turn on only the TV and soundbar. 
Connect the TV and soundbar's ARC ports with an eARC-compatible HDMI cable. 
Once the soundbar is detected, enable the proper settings on the TV.
Update the firmware on your TV and soundbar.



Rachel Gomez

First Poster

I am having similar issues with audio cutting out and making a pop noise when reconnecting. This is happening with all apps when playing content with sound on my QN90B when using eARC. If I use the same apps with my Denon X2700H through my nvidia shield I have no issues.

So I know this is not a cable/receiver issue... as this pop is only occurring with eARC.

TV is on the latest firmware and is perfect other than this one really annoying issue. Really frustrated that after spending the most I've ever spent on a TV that its having an issue like this.

Is anyone else having this issue or had any luck with a fix? From what I am seeing samsung is terrible at addressing and fixing issues with their products.

First Poster

Same here. TV is QE75qn90a, eARC is working, sometimes for a few days, but regularly stops sound from eARC. Only helps to unplug the TV which is very annoying since the tv is on the wall and the plug is hidden, and hardly reached under the TV. The receivers I tried are Denon AVR2600x and Pioneer lx503 with the same problems. Before the shutdown of sound through eARC, there are clicks from the receiver as if the sound is stopped and detected again?!