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Blurry Picture on UN78HU9000 Cured TV

(Topic created on: 26-09-2022 02:54 AM)
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I have a UN78HU9000FXZA Curved TV. It is connected through One Connect box. It is out of Warranty. I am experiencing display issue where the display had a permanent blue bar on the right side of the display See pictures below. The issue is not present when there is a static photo. Otherwise there horizonal lines across the display.  I have reset the TV through Support/Settings but the problem persists. I am wondering if the issue is in the One  Connect box or the TV display. Any help will be appreciated. IMG_6388.jpgIMG_6389.jpg

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Hi @MNGUL check the connections to see if any issue there.  Best to do a picture Test ,If you go to Settings-Support Self Diagnosis-Picture Test  .   if errors are reported need to get in touch with Samsung support but may depend on costs involved  if needed a repair, know this is a 2014 model.  I suspect that it is more likely to be a display issue. Some information here 

this is a uk link and you have a us model , us support site is here 

This is the European communities and you would not be able to receive specialised support, us site is here 

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