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Dolby Digital Plus through ARC not working Samsung Q6F

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I have a Samsung Q6F TV and recently added and Samsung Soundbar HW-N550/ZA. Currently I have an HDMI 1.4 (High Speed and rated for ARC) connected from the TVs ARC HDMI to the Soundbars ARC HDMI connections. Through the TV, I am going into Netflix internet connect and selecting a 4K program (Blue Planet). I go into Advanced Sound settings, have Audio Format set to PCM (I tried Bitstream as well) and try to set Output Audio Format to Dolby Digital Plus. I get the following message and sound cuts off. Dolby Digital works, it's just the Plus


" The Dolby Digital+ option is only available via ARC (HDMI) for external devices that support the format."  


Also note, my Soundbar does show ARC in the little display on the right of the actual Bar.


Thanks for any help on what I can do to get this working.

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I have the same issue with a Q8F and an LG Home Theater System LHB655NW

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I think that the M550 doesn’t support the DD+

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Is there any news on this one? Did you ever get it working? I have the Samsung Q6FN and a Sonos Beam, everything points to it should work but doesn't! Both have dolby digital capability 

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