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Dolby Digital Plus changes to PCM


Hello Samsung Community,


I have a SAMSUNG UE55MU7005TXXC and a LG SJ9 (supporting DD+ and ATMOS and connected throught HDMI ARC).

My problem is related with Dolby Digital Plus, let me explain it on detail:

- I select an emision with Dolby Digital Plus (Netflix or similar)

- I configure DD+ on Audio Menu and everything is OK now.

Problem start when I jump to another emission not supporting DD+:

- My TV changes to PCM Audio (I consider that it should jump to DD, if available, because is better quality and was the main preference on the system before DD+)

- When I go back to a DD+ emission then PCM is maintainted, not changing again to DD+ as was configured before, so I need to go to Audio Menu to configure DD+ again.

This erratic behaivour makes DD+ very unpleasant to use.


One possible firmware fix/solution is to change the Audio Menu from Current Selection:


- DD

- DD+


- DTS NEO 2.5




- DOLBY/BITSTREAM (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos)

- DTS (HD, 2.5)


So if I select Dolby, the TV will choose automatically the best option available (DD or DD+) if emission and soundbar supports it.


Im also possibly misunderstanding why there is a need for soemthing like ARC in general. But i guess i just misunderstood something.

As what i read about ARC and eARC: The device can redirect back the audio channel over the same HDMI link that it came from, so the device it came from can output it there.
This sounds somehow unnecessary to me. - Why stream something back to a device where it came from, if this device HAS that stream already, because it sent it itself.

Even Win 7 and 10 can output HDMI picture on one link, and ouput audio on another one, or the way around. Or DVI output on one link and HDMI-Audio ouput on another one.
That way nobody would need anything like ARC. So why AVR designers don't implement this into their AVR hardware. This is somehow confusing.
But i guess there is a reason for it.


Why not build a device that does Video output over one HDMI cable to the TV, and HDMI-Audio over an other one HDMI cable, that goes to the soundbar or wherever?


Please read the thread title. It has nothing to do with Atmos or eArch. The problem occures when switching to DD+ in sound settings over Arc or spdif. The built in Netflix app supports DD+, but if you later choose another source like TV or Xbox that supports DD 5.1 (not plus) it swithes to PCM stereo instead of DD 5.1 and you need to manually switch to DD, It is really annoying




Yes, sorry about that I got lost a little, but now Im back on track. If I watch netflix I have dd then I switch to Tv it's pcm not dd as It should be. Then back to netflix again tv is back to dd or prime video it's dd+. It's really annoying, that tv doesn't remember setting or automatic set the best least it automatic switch between dd and dd+, when I change content.


Hey i just solved the problem!

I was usually searching updates in the TV's menu and chose "Update" from there.

But today i noticed, on the homepage there is much newer update already: Version 1270.3 :


My TV was running 1262 still, and said like "there are no newer updates".


So i downloaded it from the homepage, extracted it to the USB stick, and plugged the stick to the TV.

The TV automatically installed the update then.

And since then, i have NO MORE PROBLEMS with the output format switching back to PCM !


Hope it helps someone.

Regards, ND




Hope NU8000 models get same update too. I got new firmware 2 weeks ago and it's version 1251

I did the update, the problem is not solved. It still behaves like: from Neo 2.5 to DD and back it works. Like if you set the TV to Neo 2.5 and open Netflix, watch a DD video, and move back to TV, it will change to Neo 2.5 If you have the TV on Neo 2.5 and open a video file with DTS audio, say from Plex or USB, it will use PCM. You can manually set DTS while watching the video, but when you return to TV, it does not switch back to Neo, but PCM all over again. So if you move from TV to Plex 2-3 times a day, you need to change the settings 4-6 times or just use PCM.
Hmmm, i dont use Neo 2.5 very often. But now i have a different problem: The Audio output device is always switching back from my Samsung Soundbar to "TV Speakers" when i turn on the TV. I have to change it everytime. Im really p1ssed off! I thought im gonna by a Samsung TV cause its superior somehow, or more advanced with its Smart features. If i knew that this is full of trouble, i would have bought a cheaper TV from any less known manufacturer. What about the other brands - Are they also full of bugs like this? Like LG and so on?

Just noticed new problem that drives me grazy. I was watching netflix and was getting dd+, then I switched to Hbo nordic and sound was dropped to dd. I tried to manually change it to dd+, but tv said that it's not possible. The strange issue is that it has worked earlier. I have swithed between netflix and hbo and I didn't have to manually change anything, tv has stayed in dd+. Now even inside netflix app between shows it's dropping sound. If I choose ultra 4k content I will get dd+, but if I watch HD content I will get dd and this has not happened earlier. I don't know is this the tv problem or my soundbar sony ht-st 5000. I haven't change any setting from soundbar since I bought it same time with tv

Not all content has dd+
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I am so INCREDIBLY frustrated with this TV! I bought a vizio surround system and it worked great for the first week i had it plugged in my TV then all the sudden it wants to just automatically change to PCM and not even give me the option to change back to dolby! All I want is to have surround sound,  THAT'S IT!  SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!! I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER SAMSUNG TV! Not to mention i went through 2 TVs because they were defective and the 3rd is now OK besides this PCM *****! Just wished it weren't so darn complicated to watch TV, videos, movies, listen to music without the nuisance and aggravation!! I have only had this TV since mid January, I so regret no doing some research first instead of assuming it would be great like my phone 😣I love my phone for sure! SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT! IF I can get rid of this PCM off the TV that would be amazing! I just want my surround sound!!! 

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