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Dimming of Samsung TV's.

(Topic created on: 07-09-2020 08:56 PM)

Hello does anybody know why so many Samsung TV's from the budget models to the super expensive stuff all seem to have various issues with dimming of the screen/content in various ways?


I've had to enter complex hidden engineer menus to stop 2 of my TV going dark every time subtitles come on screen and while searching for the solution to this I've found many many other posts across the internet with other people having brightness and dimming issues all with Samsung TV's. And in all cases I've read through, Samsung not only don't fix the problem but fail to even acknowledge it exists  - often ceasing assistance after suggesting firmware updates.

I'm aware that dimming technology is supposed to increase contrast by darkening specific areas of the screen but in my example the entire screen flickers with varying brightness as different content is displayed as if someone is sat on the remote control.


We shouldn't have to be entering hidden menus with complex settings suggested by forum users just to get a watchable image, is it time Samsung addressed the issue that their TV's don't handle dimming in an acceptable way across a wide range of models?


For me I absolutely will not buy Samsung again, their support has been inadequate and these problems shouldn't even be something to contend with given the type of money involved.