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Digital TV sound through receiver speakers

(Topic created on: 12-08-2019 06:51 AM)
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Hi, I've had this issue for some time where I can't get any Digital TV sound through my receiver.





Two months ago I asked for help using the Samsung chat support, which they ended up moving me to Tier 2 support. A few days later I had received a phone call from Samsung Support, We went through everything together to see if the issue could be fixed, at this point they told me to get a remote for my receiver just to see if it is the TV or Receiver that's causing the problem.


Two months later(right now) I got a remote, went into my receiver setup to see if ARC was enabled, which it wasn't. I went through all of the setup menus, made sure everything was correct, along with the TVs settings, but I still cannot get sound to play out of my speakers when the TV is playing normal channels. Audio settings is set to PCM, ANYNET+ ON.  I've gone through all channels from on the receiver too.




Prior to this I've had my PS4 set up to the receiver and it works just fine, at this point of time it works fine aswell(sound plays through receiver speakers)


The way I have it all set up;   HDMI into TV ARC PORT to Recevier ARC Port,  PS4 into receiver HDMI 1 Port


When selecting Home cinema configuration I go to HDMI 4 which is the ARC PORT on the TV, I have tried both. I have also tried with an Optical cable.



And lastly I've tried both TV speakers/Receiver options, but still no luck.


Hopefully I can get this solved, thanks!