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Customer care Horrible services /Price reduction deception from Samsung customer care

(Topic created on: 07-02-2024 08:22 PM)

Hello , i was happy having almost 20 years products from Sony for home use, 
Suddenly I decided to buy all new products from Samsung without having any experience with customer service of Samsung, otherwise would stay away.

I bought a Tv for 2249€ (QE75QN95C) which was already bought with two other products that I could have this price.

After received just installed and boom two vertical and two horizontal lines appear, from the start .called customer service just asked for swap the same model but 65 inches instead of 75 inches.

but they refused and asked me to return this product and buy again which you wish to buy , we will provide you 30-40% discount code as a commercial gesture, but the things became worse the price was 1999€ for 65 inches the same model , but when I was using the discount link so instead of getting 40% discount, it was adding more and the price was getting 2999€ .so contacted them again they were saying some technical errors might happened but we will solve it and get back to you .Then till today I am like begging to buy from them and spend money on Samsung products.

after that from one month I contacted everyone from the CEO to the small worker even Holland branch (Samsung special care ) but no one till today solve my issue.

The CEO Mr.Sean Yun claims that he read all the emails personally,I wrote him I think 5 emails but no response, so it’s just publicity stunts.

CONCLUSION : Really stay away from Samsung products otherwise you will regret .such a horrible client service they never keep their words and like humiliating you in some way like you have to beg for their service.

Helping Hand
Sounds like you should be in the Dutch community.


New on 9/3/2024:
I have bought now again SONY xr-65x95L , price 1871€ with the promotion instead of 2199€.
I am so far happy with all over quality of image and sound is more better than Samsung TV .
Also Sony has Dolby vision certification which Samsung doesn’t have.
I am not paid by Sony to do their publicity but I am just sharing my experience with you all , I didn’t get any interaction with Sony customer care so I cannot say that they are better but the products which I have used before never got issues to do so .
Thanks for reading this long review, hope that it helped some people.