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Compatible One Connect box models for Samsung QE55Q80R (2019)

(Topic created on: 02-05-2023 09:04 AM)
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Hello  Community :smiling-face:


I've recently decided to wall mount the TV and now come to the hanging wire issue. I can see One Connect box on reseller websites, I'm wondering if there are compatibility issues with different model numbers or are they all good to go? appreciate any guidance please


thanks in advance :smiling-face:


I have had an issue with my one connect box with a ue ks7000 TV with interference on TV when watching through my Sky q box. No issues with Sky Q box when connected directly to another TV, or with One connect box when using my Amazon firestick connection. I am therefore an convinced the issue is with the One connect box and contacted Samsung to discuss. Spoke to customer service, and then received a call from a "tech" expert! I was told that there are no parts or replacement for my One connect Box and that they are specific to the individual TV and cannot be changed!!! I challenged this repeatedly but they were insistent. Spoke to Samsung service company they referred me to and they said the same. Then checked this community history and saw a number of conflicting comments. Contacted a couple of sellers of the one connect box on Ebay, and they both confirmed that it is the TV Series number that is unique to the boxes and not the individual TV which is what I thought. I do not know why Samsung cannot state this and give misleading information. Simply stated any UE KS series One connect box originally supplied will work with any size TV in that series .I have bought a box originally supplied with 50ks8000 tv which had on issues with Sky Q box,

and will update when received as to any issues.


should be no issues with Sky q box