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Can you feature just one photo across the entire screen in ambient mode?

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Hello, is it possible to upload and feature just one photo in ambient mode across the entire screen, and if so how do you do it?


Or are you limited to just uploading photos to on-screen photo frame template that has boxes for a number of smaller photos?




If thats true it's sad that they leave out this option for 2018 models. I have been looking for excactly this answer to why I counldn't get fullscreen in ambient mode - even had a lengthy chat with Samsung costomer support where they said 'As per checking, in regard to the Ambient Mode photo setting, the TV won't be able to make it in full screen if the photo doesn't allow it. It should work automatically if the photo you want to make a background on the Ambient Mode allows it. Which dosn't help me at all. I'm really diassapointed that this is not possible even on a top model for 2018 (QE65QFN), I can then only hope for someone making a TV app that can provide perhaps more ambient features and settings....

Cheers for the answer


Have a 2019 Q90. No clue how to turn the matte off and show photo full screen. 

I concur! It is much wanted to show a custom photo full screen. The passepartout is annoying and ruins the ambient mode when using a custom photo.
Disappointing indeed. I guess they do this to guard the reason for being for the ‘The Frame’ line. If you could upload your own art as picture, who needs the frame. This should be basic functionality.

Works perfectly with all my Apple devices but how the heck do I get rid of that passpartout?

I'd been hoping to find an answer here on that 😞

I bought the Q60 exactly because I wanted a TV that didn't look like a TV when off!

Come on Samsung, you can do better than that!

Fix it please.


I cannot believe that this is not an option. Very very disappointing Samsung. Please get the full screen photo function added 


From my experience, and that of others, I don't think this is possible 😞


Is it really not possible to show a picture in full screen or at least with a custom passeportout size?

I have bought the Q90R believing I could show art on my screen. But only the default Samsung pictures seems to be an option in full screen as far as I can see.


I also wanted to upload more than one picture so I could switch between them like how the Artwork feature works.

Is this possible? Or is there somehow to replace (hack)  the default Samsung Artwork pictures with my own?



Agree! Samsung, please update so we can enjoy our own photos without the ugly white frame. 

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