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BBC iPlayer Not Loading Error 02001

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Hi. For 2+ months now I've been unable to load programmes in BBC iPlayer app on my new Samsung UE49MU7070 TV, 2017 model. All menus load fine but every programme I choose has continous spinning circle and after 30 seconds always ends with cannot load error message 02001. I have tried every reset possible and all firmware/software is right up to date, have tweaked most tv settings, searched the internet for a solution, and have got nowhere with iPlayer and Samsung support. All other on demand TV and Netflix, Amazon etc works fine and internet connection is the best. There was a couple of weeks after purchase when iPlayer worked ok but not anymore and I don't know what's changed. I am at a loss, can anyone help please, I can't be the only one with this problem? Thanks.

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Hi all,


I am new to the forum. I am very keen to buy the UE55MU6120. However, I stumbled onto this forum, while researching the TV. I am very keen to have BBC Iplayer 4K. Can anyone confirm whether the issue has been resolved, as I will not buy the TV otherwise. Many thanks for your help




Hi, I can only speak from my own experience but our TV, a 2017 UE40MU6400U has not been fixed by the firmware update that was released then pulled from the Samsung UK website (firmware 1230), when it worked up to about the first week in May it was brilliant and so much better than our previous TV, BUT to answer maybe the new TV's are not affected by this corrupt firmware but the TV we bought just a year ago most defiantly still has the issue brought on solely by Samsung.



Mine is still suffering from this issue. Desperate for Samsung to come good and fix this with a firmware update as 1230 does not for me. Missing the opportunity to watch the world cup in UHD because of this - totally gutted.


We bought our Samsung UE49MU6400 Smart TV in Jan 2017 and it developed this iplayer issue several months ago. Samsung arranged for a local repair guy to come out and replace the main board - this has fixed the issue. If you're buying from new I'd be very surprised if there was still an issue but you could ask to have iplayer demonstrated. If you do find a problem you'd be well within your rights to return it to the place you got it from. 


Good luck!




Maybe I should contact Samsung and insist they replace the motherboard if this fixes the issue. It seems to be the only fix for those of us inflicted by this virus that must have been introduced by a corrupt firmware issued by Samsung. We shouldn't have to put up with such shoddy support by Samsung. Maybe if the media were made aware, Samsung might get their finger out.

I should have listened to my local independant store, they don't sell Samsung products of any type and when I asked why they said they don't get the same kind of support like they do with other companies. 


I'm not just cross, I'm now very angry!!


I have the same issue. They said that they would send me a usb with the latest firmware on. I said i already had it installed but it had been retracted. The Samsung support said they were sending me 1239 firmware update. So we shall see but i am not hopeful.

Hi, would you please keep us informed to see if it works, for the life of me I cannot see how a "corrupt" firmware would require a fix of installing a new main board as you would assume the ROM is flushed and replaced when it is updated, as personally I would prefer this type of fix than taking time away from work just to have the TV dissembled and the main board replaced.
I know on some forums this problem has been associated with a virus, but if it is (a virus) then its a clever one as it only to my knowledge infected Now TV, iplayer and My5 instead of all the apps?

Yes i agree, i cant see how installing a new board solves the problem especially when the tv works with other online services! But equally if the so called version 1239.0 fixes the problem why is it not posted up on the Samsung website ? This is madness, not getting bbc iplayer to work on a supposedly state of the art tv ! We will see in 5 to 7 days if this USB stick turns up with 1239 on it.




Since about this time last year.


All my apps worked fine, unless you try and run the BBC app and then I get the Error 02001.  I am using a 2016 Samsung Smart TV which I bought in December '16 - which worked with the iplayer for a while and then stopped. 

Samsung wrote to me and blambed the BBC slow to issue certificates - but all I know is that I cannot run the iplayer in the usual way to see stuff, and I am very disappointed.


Did anyone have a fix?  Other than use your tv as a glorified monitor and plug your pc into it?


If this lasts another mnth I shall be advising all of my professional friends and collegues never to buy a Samsung TV as the picture may be great, but they cannot be bothered to do anything about the BBC Bug.  Viris?  Motherboard?  What matters is they fix what they sold.  And if it worked once, for a while - then it is possible!


Very disgruntled,





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