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Backlight flickering issue in games? QLED 2020 TVs.

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When you move the camera around, the lighting shimmers and dims. This doesn't happen when the camera isn't moving. It's VERY distracting when you're flying around or driving cars. This happens regardless of game mode. I saw this with Watch Dogs Legion on PS4 Pro, I thought it was just this game. I tried Spider-Man on PS4 Pro and it was fine. However, someone else mentions it being bad with Spider-Man Remaster on PS5. Same person tried with HDR off, tried with game mode on, game mode off, GMP on, GMP off. Doesn't help. 


It's one thing after another with Samsung TVs at the moment... very disappointed. 


It looks a bit like this -


I'm this close to returning mine for an LG CX.


The scan lines i see when game motion plus is off is crazy, not what you expect what a flag ship.

Sadly, I'm out of the return period or I would too. Although, burn in worries me with OLED. However, the issues I've had with Samsung are INSANE! I cannot believe how expensive this TV was and the issues I've had. Angry doesn't even cover it. 

To be honest, I think the issues we have with this TV, not to mention the dirty screen effect, is far worse than any potential burn in.


The longer I have this TV the more issues i'm finding. The newest issue I have is scan lines when game motion plus is off, it's an awful viewing on a game like Resident Evil 3 Remake and you look into the sky. Then when you're panning the camera up and down you can make it out.


Now people that are lucky enough to get a PS5 and Series X are reporting the same scan line issues with VRR + 120hz - the main reason why I bought this TV.


I have until 24th November to return this TV for another one. Considering XH95 (no hdmi 2.1) or LG CX.


If Samsung can fix the scan line issues out then I will keep it but can I risk missing my return window?

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